Welcome to ROADAR (Suffolk)

Have you ever become frustrated with other peoples driving?

Why does he have to sit on my bumper?
Why don't you signal?
Come on, make your mind up, which lane do you want?
The speed limit is 70, why are you doing 60/65 in the outside lane?
There is nobody in the left lane, why don't you move over?
Do you find driving stressful?
Did you use to enjoy your driving but now find it a chore?
Do you think people should have further driver training?
Do you think you are a better driver than average?
How do you know you are better than average?

For some people driving or riding is a stressful chore, while for others it can be a relaxing opportunity to assert themselves. Whichever category you fit into, national surveys indicate that 80% of us think that we are above average drivers and that crashes or collisions only happen to others. Yet, we probably all know, or have heard about, someone whose life has been changed as a result of a road traffic crash.