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John : "I am a new member and am receiving tutoring in preparation for the advanced driver test. I have enjoyed considerate measured and enthusiastic care with the attention of my tutor who has put me at ease and has unending patience. I was invited to join the club for a social event on a Skid Pan at RAF Honnington recently. Although unpleasant weather, having had considerable rain and still damp and wet it provided good conditions for the course. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it but once briefed and out on the course it made for an enjoyable morning.
An opportunity to become aware of how front and rear wheel drive behave in slippery conditions and how to control them. There was time between sessions for coffee and biscuits and chance to meet and chat to our instructors and socialise with the other members. All culminating in a lighthearted little competition. All very good and my thanks to the organisers and Explore 4 x 4".

Terry Edwards : "Having passéd the IAM Advanced test, I thought I’d try to go up a level and go for ROSPA Gold. My observer has been very patient with me as I try to stick below the 30mph speed limit and get the confidence to drive country lanes at the national limit. The recent skid pan at Honington was good fun as well as instructive. However I would have liked to try some obstacle avoidance exercises also. I can’t make many of the meetings as it’s a two hour round journey"

Terry : "The day at the Honington skid pan was excellent. Really great fun . Exillerating when driving but terrifying as a passenger. The instruction is first class and gives a lot of confidence.
If any member is thinking of having a go, you will not be disappointed.
Thanks Martin and Mike for organising it.

Doug : "Thanks Martin & Mike for arranging the Skid Pan experience at RAF Honington. I attended on the Saturday in ideal conditions for the event, very wet but not sure about the cold.
I found that the high standard of instruction together with the encouragement to have a bit of fun a great combination to make my time very enjoyable. (Who wouldn't enjoy trouncing someone elses car and not worrying about the consequences) and chocolate biscuits as well.
So what's next? Any truth in the rumour that Eds volunteering his Fiesta for us all on a Track Day at Snetterton!?!"

Sam Luff : " I found out about ROSPA Suffolk through my husband who is a member. I’d been thinking about joining the group for some time and I wanted to become a better and safer driver on the road. I had a scary moment on the road and this lead to me joining the group. I have found the group very welcoming and friendly and it’s a nice place to come and share driving experiences and chat about driving techniques. I feel I have made significant improvements to my driving – I am much more aware of what’s around me, I’m looking much further ahead than I was before and I feel my gear changes are much smoother. My tutor has been really helpful and patient with me and I have felt that I could learn things at a speed I’m comfortable with and not feel rushed into taking the test. I have been out with other tutors, either as a demo drive or they’ve observed me and I have found their advice and feedback very helpful and beneficial."

Leslie : "... as a 92 year old driver it gets me a second opinion on the standard of my driving which I appreciate very much"

Chris Luff : " I joined RoSPA Suffolk with the aim of meeting some like-minded folk and improving my then bronze level advanced driving certificate. But my advanced driving journey began before that when I returned to driving after not having a car for a couple of years. When I got another car I found my confidence on the road was lacking. The training I have received has rebuilt my confidence from scratch, with the emphasis on being so much more aware of hazards on the road before they develop.
The training experience was excellent, with an observer who was very generous with his time and willingness to answer my unending questions! I also benefited from demonstration drives from both my own observer and other members of the group. This is especially helpful when taking a systematic approach to driving, which is potentially both significantly slower around hazards and brisker where visibility and conditions allow.
The training was backed by a very helpful manual that breaks down the learning from Roadcraft and the Highway Code into manageable chunks. Particularly helpful was the library of stock phrases to encourage commentary driving."