Frequently Asked Questions

Some Common Questions

How many training sessions will I need? For a car driver on average 10 sessions depending on your skill level at the start.

I am finding the training really difficult – Please don’t just give up! Discuss this with your Tutor or a committee member so we can find alternative ways to help you.

I am worried about the test. Do I have to take it? No! You do not have to take the Advanced Test, but what a shame if you do not at least give it a try? The Examiner will be friendly and help you to relax. They want you to do well and to demonstrate the skills you have developed so they can award you the appropriate grade.

What if I do not pass the test? Whatever grade you achieve on your test, we hope you consider the training to be a worthwhile experience because your driving skills and general road safety should have improved significantly. If you want to, you can pay and take another test. Your Tutor will be happy to continue to work with you.

Who knows my test result? Only you and your Examiner! That is unless you choose to tell anyone (your tutor please!) how your test went.

How Do I apply for a Test? Simple! Click Here to be taken to the correct site to make an application.