Putting a Face to a Name

We are here to help because we want to!

Martin Sellick Martin Sellick - Chairman :I am a retired driving instructor. I love driving and all things to do with cars. In the 70's and 80's I competed in car rallies in both the UK and Kenya and worked with both the Nissan/Datsun and Mercedes Benz Safari Rally teams for 7 years.

I joined the group over 10 years ago and been a tutor since 2007. I like meeting other people and get a great deal of satisfaction from helping them to become better and safer drivers. I have been Chairman since December 2015 and can be contacted on 01359 232080 or on my mobile, 07886 988290.

Mike Pipe Mike Pipe - Deputy Chairman : Many years ago as a teenager I remember having a lift with my friends brother who I knew had passed an Advanced Driving test. His driving was smooth and had a calm efficiency, which impressed me. Some years later, and now a qualified Approved Driving Instructor, I saw a poster for The Suffolk Advanced Drivers and Riders Group and decided to go along and find out more about “advanced driving”.

Well the training certainly lifted my driving standard, the retests have helped to maintain that standard over the 20 + years that I have been a part of the group. Advanced driving is not about racing round, yes make progress where appropriate, but much of the time it is about holding back, anticipating the actions of other road users and keeping your car moving. I can be contacted on 01284 703047.

Terry Lyne Terry Lyne - Training (Cars) : I am one of three generations who passed their initial driving test first time in a traditional Land Rover. I have also spent many hours taking them to bits, putting them together again and driving on road and in off road competitions.

I have always had an interest in helping others and have been a volunteer Young Engineers National Judge before a career change to Driving Tuition. I have been a Group Tutor for ten year and Training Co-ordinator since 2013. I can be contacted on 01728 860439.

Kevin Smith Kevin Smith - Approved Car Tutor : I joined the group in 2010, when my daughter was about to start learning to drive. I wanted to be able to help her to learn by supplementing her driving lessons with private practice, but wanted to make sure that I corrected my own driving first, so as not to pass on any bad habits.

The training was so enjoyable that I applied to become a tutor with the intention of helping others to get more enjoyment from their driving. For me, the training I received put the fun back into driving.

Ed Stratta Ed Stratta - Advanced Car Tutor : I've always had a passion for driving and anything to do with cars and motoring. I own a number of classics which I enjoy taking out at every opportunity. I passed the IAM test in 1998 and joined the Bury RoSPA group in 2005 because I wanted to hone my skills further.

I really like the re-tests every three years because it makes you keep up the skill level. I became a tutor for the local group in 2006 to help new members achieve their goals

Martin Andrew Martin Andrew - Motorcycles : I have been a regular motorcyclist since I was seventeen years old (quite some time ago). These days I am as keen as ever, riding over 10,000 miles per year commuting, touring, training, escorting cycle races and even just for pure pleasure. I took my first advanced motorcycle test back in 1981 and joined RoSPA in the early 1990s, first for cars and motorcycles shortly after. I took and passed the Motorcycle Diploma test in 2005. I am an approved car tutor and an advanced motorcycle tutor.

I believe strongly that we are all different and my training style reflects this, being "student centred". In other words, I help you achieve the standard you'd like to achieve, rather than "teaching by the book".